Lens Coating
1 Anti-fog coating
1.“water-washable” anti-fog coating via EN166(N) testing can clean the lens by water.

2.“Dual treatment” with hard-coating at the front side of lens keeps the lens from scratch and abrasion.
2 Nano coating
Ya-Tai reduces the rainbow color on lens surface to have superior optical performance.
3 Anti-reflective coating
“AT” lens is applied on the both two sides of lens to minimize reflection from back glare.
4 Anti-oleo coating
Ya-Tai uses a transparent layer to repellent water, grease, oil, dust & finger print and provide easy clean ability.
5 Silver mirrored (SM) coating
Ya-Tai uses high quality vacuum coating machine to do silver mirrored on the lens to block visible lights. It can not only keep the same transmittance but also improve visual clarity.
6 Mirrored (REVO) coating
Ya-Tai adopts environment friendly coating material with advanced vacuum machine to apply color mirror on the lens surface to reduce harmful lights and provide greater protection to wearers’ eyes.

  Superior scratch & abrasion resistance   Available in anti-fog by flow coating   Compatible with lens functions and coating in Ya-Tai