PC colorful lens

Our main products are polycarbonate sun lenses. “AT” PC lens has competitive advantages at in-house material coloring and anti-rainbow coating with higher clarity. With advanced performance lens technology, our lens provides high visual quality and superior physical protection of the eyes. Light, safety and comfort are our basic warranty.

1. Material coloring

Elasticity of in-house material coloring can supply customized demand.

2. NANO coating

We use special mixture to reduce rainbow on the lens surface with higher clarity.

Blue-blocking lens
All studies mention over-exposure to blue light will increase the risk of retinal damage. Properly choosing blue-blocking lens is an essential protection to your eyes.
Polarized lens

1. PC injection polarized lens

Glare reduces your ability to see clearly.“AT” PC lens with Japanese premium polarized film is perfect series of lens to filter out glare and block horizontal waves in the market today.

2. TAC polarized lens

“AT” TAC polarized lens block all UV light and remove 99% glare to make your eyes more comfortable.

Photochromic lens
“AT” photochromic lens automatically adjusts lens tint under different light condition within rapid 20 seconds. Also, the compatibility of our coating technology increases the functionality of our lens.
Medical eye-shield
Medical eye shield protects the patients after surgery or other procedures and helps them for the eye recovery.